this is social anxiety summed up in two gifs

qoyqoyi asked:
"downloading what dreams may come right now cause of all your pretty posts - it looks so lovely ! i've never seen it - thanks for sharing!"

omg i love that movie soooooo much, it’s one of my sister’s favorites and she showed it to me for the first time when i was around 11/12? and i’ve loved it ever since, i rewatch it every once in a while when i feel like i need a good cry. 

silentones asked: Lane Kim or Paris Geller?

alreadyclaimednamefk said: i can hear the souls of dudebros around the world shattering

i think that’s a compliment? in which case, thank you

guys i bought mac’s ruby woo lipstick. it’s SO RED

guys i’m currently texting colin and explaining to him what’s happening and he’s so grossed out it’s actually hilarious