lyrical lies (kate/derek)

Derek’s body convulses again — the electricity coursing through his limbs, pain radiating everywhere. Kate is in front of him, her long legs bending elegantly so she can crouch, his mind racing as he remembers how they looked bare and spread obscenely wide. Her hair is falling in delicate waves, a giant fuck you because this woman is anything but that; the gun at her hip a testament to how much of a threat she really is. She leans forward, taunting him, daring him to listen for the truth. And he remembers another time. When he was all awkward limbs and floppy hair, her breasts bare as they pressed up against his chest — her hair shorter, curling adorably as he reached up to push a loose strand behind her ear — her lips warm against the shell of his ear. I love you, she whispered, as her pulse raced beneath her skin, tense and awkward and wrong. His hand on the curve of her lower back, his eyes wide and trusting. A different time. Now her heartbeat is steady, her voice cruel. “We. Didn’t. Kill. Your. Sister.”

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