Mama Stilinski’s Death:

I’m currently rewatching the season one finale of teen wolf to compare the changes in character growth that we see in the season two finale. And this isn’t really a comparison, or anything — more a possible theory/revelation about the nature of Mama Stilinski’s death. 

Because when Jackson gets Lydia to the hospital and demands to know how she’s doing, the Sheriff is there. The cool, calm, collected man who didn’t yell at his son when he got fired, who doesn’t yell or lose control. Who snarks at Stiles when he finds him in the freaking woods after dark looking for the other half of a murder victim rather than yelling at him. Who jokingly tells his son that he couldn’t possibly be gay from the way he’s dressed after finding him at the scene of another crime scene. Who when faced with an angry, vengeful, muderous Matt, tries to calmly talk him down. But in this moment? He’s not calm AT ALL.

Which, until I was rewatching the episode, I’d never thought of as strange. But it totally fucking is! The sheriff almost ALWAYS keeps calm. But when Lydia shows up bloodied and bitten and unconscious — he flies into a rage. Against JACKSON. Not the situation. But at JACKSON. And after Jackson denies any of this being his fault, the Sheriff PHYSICALLY SHOVES HIM AGAINST THE WALL and screams:


And after seeing season 2, with all the vaguely hinted at information we have about Stiles’s mother’s death — that she was in a hospital for at least some amount of time and that Stiles actively blames himself for the death — I’m starting to think that maybe, possibly her death was a little bit more gruesome than I originally thought. And that, Stiles might not be the only Stilinski blaming himself for the death. 

I see a lot of the fandom suspecting she died of cancer — but I feel like if that were the case, Stiles wouldn’t blame himself. And the Sheriff wouldn’t have such a visceral reaction to Jackson not protecting Lydia from getting hurt.

So I don’t know all that much — but I’m beginning to suspect that whatever her death may have been, it was not an actual disease or sickness that killed her. From what I’ve gotten from this scene with Jackson and Stiles’ hallucination, I’m beginning to think her death was something a bit more reckless — something that could have been prevented and didn’t have to happen. 

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    but in the novel (that, according to Jeff, is vaguely canon-ish), she does die of cancer
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