LOVELY ANON, this was an awesome prompt but i’m awful and couldn’t seem to write it. BUT because i really wanted you to get your prompt, my lovely awesome beautiful friend ellie helped me out and filled it for you!

Their first date isn’t exactly what you would call conventional. It isn’t at a restaurant or a theatre. There’s no nice clothes or music or expensive meals. It isn’t even quirky normal with takeout containers and a movie.

No, Harvey and Mike’s first date is in a prison.

Well, jail to be exact because prison is for long term sentences and overnight for drunk and disorderly after the security guard at Pearson Not-Hardman busted you tagging Louis’ office isn’t exactly hard time.

"I can’t believe we got caught."

Harvey snorts so hard that he chokes a little and rolls his head on his shoulders to blink at Mike. “You had spray paint on your hands and harangued a cop on the street because, ‘They don’t know life in the hood.’”

"Well, they don’t."

"You’re from Staten Island."

Mike can’t argue with that, so he just stretches his legs out to drop his heels over the edge of the cement block used as a cot and wets his lips. “It was going to be awesome.”

Harvey closes his eyes and lets his head fall back against the wall as he moves a hand to settle on Mike’s chest, fingers working absent and familiar circles over his skin through his shirt. “Yeah. It was.”

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